How to Manually Update NVIDIA Drivers

How to Manually Update NVIDIA Drivers

How to Manually Update NVIDIA Drivers. NVIDIA regularly updates the software that controls the graphics card. The latest Nvidia drivers released every few weeks. By installing the latest drivers, you will get the best performance from the games you play.

1. Open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool program. This is the fastest way to find out your graphics card model. Skip this step if you already know the graphics card model that you have.

  • Press Win R and type “dxdiag“.
  • Click the Display tab and see the “Chip Type” entry to find out your graphics card model.
  • Click the System tab and look at the “Operating System” entry to find out what type of Windows you are using, 32-bit, or 64-bit.

How to Manually Update NVIDIA Drivers

2. Visit the NVIDIA GeForce website. There you can download the latest driver (

NVIDIA Website GeForce

3. Click the “Drivers” tab. Most Nvidia graphics cards are of the “GeForce” type. Visit the website if the Nvidia graphics card you have is not “GeForce.”

4. Choose your graphics card. There are three ways to select a driver to be downloaded:

  • Automatic Driver Updates – Use the Nvidia GeForce Experience program to manage driver updates. Click here for more information.
  • Manual Driver Search – Use information from Step 1 to select the proper driver. Four latest drivers will be displayed.
  • Automatic detection GPU – Nvidia site will use Java applets to detect your graphics card and then displays the correct drivers. Java requirement is installed on your computer if you choose this method. Java applet that is outdated and thus may cause problems in some browsers. It will be easier if you decide on two previous ways.

5. Download the latest drivers. Click the link and download the latest version from the driver. Always download the most recent version unless you need the old version. The latest version will provide the best performance for your graphics card.

6. Run the installer. Run the installer you downloaded to update the driver. The installer will automatically remove the old driver and install the new driver.
Most users choose the “Express” during installation.
Your screen may blink or temporarily went dark during installation.

7. Use System Restore if new drivers cause problems. After the latest drivers installed, the system restores point is created automatically, so you can reset your computer system to its original state before the new driver installed.

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