[Driver] DUAL RTX 2060 6G ASUS

[Driver] DUAL RTX 2060 6G ASUS

[Driver] DUAL RTX 2060 6G ASUS. Using Auto-Extreme Technology, auto manufacture which sets a new standard that allows all solder solved in time. Reduces the thermal strain on components and avoid the use of cleaning chemicals complex, environmentally friendly, lower power consumption, and overall reliable products.

[Driver] DUAL RTX 2060 6G ASUS
Dual GeForce 2060 RTX PCB solid reinforced with aluminum on the backplate and make it more robust structurally, to help prevent a flexible PCB from protecting components and tracing a path from system crashes.

Software – GPU Tweak II, Monitor, Tune

ASUS GPU Tweak utility II brings high-performance graphics card and refinement to the next level, improving the performance of the fine grains to the first fan controller. GPU Tweak II holds everything the tools you require to stay maximized on the graphics card.

Allows to change critical parameters, including system GPU core clock, memory frequency, voltage settings, and even more use of the option can monitor in real-time on the screen has been adjusted.

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Every card must meet accurate production and safety before it does send. Review and stress analyses stand combined with the titles of the latest top-chart like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and BattleUniversal PlayerUnknown. Us further conduct reliability testing that includes 144-hours of stability test and a series of benchmarks 3DMark benchmarking to create sure the card performs great if sold to the end.

Dual GTX 1660 TI O6G EVO ASUS Driver & Tools

Version : v436.30
Release Date : 2019/10/21
Operating System : Windows
Language : English (US)
File Size : 521.56 MB